There is a better way to onboard your new hires

Appical is the simple and effective platform for onboarding your new hires. Easily create workflows, build employee journeys and improve connections. Our self-service platform empowers you to build the best employee experience.

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Quick start your onboarding process

Bring structure to your onboarding process. Create your own onboarding journey for a consistent and robust experience for all your new hires.

Use our Unsplash or Giphy integration to add good looking and fun content to your journey.
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Drag & drop content easily

Compose your onboarding journey by easily drag and drop content in the timeline. Use storytelling to teach your new hires about the organization's history, mission, culture and products.

Schedule your onboarding timeline

Create the onboarding timeline that fits your organization's onboarding journey. Easily build it with the pre-set blocks.

  • Unlock content at relevant moments
  • Schedule tasks to boost productivity
  • Pre-set messages to keep new hires connected
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See your new hires' answers in reporting

Our reporting module supports you to keep track on the progress of your new hires and also enables you to improve the onboarding journey based on their feedback throughout their onboarding process.

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Because every new hire deserves a good onboarding!

In every company, in every industry, anywhere in the world. That's what we believe.

More Features


We integrate with other HR-systems like Taleo, Workday, Slack and Docusign. 

Custom journey's

Create a unique journey for every team, office, location or country.

Custom branding

Onboarding is all about experience. Therefore you have the ability to customize your theme to align with your employer brand.

Inge Koedoot profile picture

Inge Koedoot

Head of HR & Recruitment - Fuga

“Appical goes above and beyond to help you create an amazing onboarding app for your new employees. Easy to use, great help from the team and a nice way to get your people updated about the new company even before their first day. We’re really proud of the result”

Job v4

Job Bohnen

HR Lead - HR Office

“The Appical team helped us creating a digital onboarding experience for our new hires. Their platform is accessible and made it easy to compose our own storyline. As a result we are now able to offer a consistent and fun onboarding experience.”

There is a better way to
onboard your new hires