Webinar series 'How to'

In the 'How to' series our onboarding specialists will provide useful insights to improve the onboarding experience of your new hires. Sign up below to claim your spot. The webinars will be in English. 
Upcoming webinars:
Tuesday, September 29th: How to keep your employees engaged and informed during uncertain times
Tuesday October 13th: How to structure the Pre- & Onboarding journey
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What will be discussed?

How to keep your employees engaged and informed during uncertain times

  • How to inform and guide your staff while everybody is working from home
  • How to keep the information interactive and fun for staff members to consume
  • Best practices from companies on reboarding staff to the workspace

How to structure the Pre- & Onboarding journey

  • What are the building blocks to create a structured pre- and onboarding program
  • How to align theory with the structure of your organization
  • What are key moments that you should always include in your onboarding program


OPCW about the Appical onboarding solution

"With the onboarding app we give future staff the right information at the right time, at their fingertips, in their pocket, and, it is fun – which leads to more engagement, preparing them for the organisational culture. It gives the organisation and the new hires the chance to make the most of it before they come on board."

Find out everything about Appical's solutions

Pre-hire, Pre-boarding, Onboarding or Offboarding. With Appical you can structure and improve your employee experience and help your Human Resources staff to remain focused on what is really important.
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"Each month, Appical saves line managers an average of 8 hours worth of 'onboarding' time." - Condé Nast International

The webinars will be hosted by

Lukas Bodenstein, Junior Product Marketeer
Sweder de Bruijn, Head of Partner Success

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