Webinar: Appical Product Tour

Discover our fully customizable solution for creating a tailored onboarding experience.  Sign up below to claim your spot. The webinars will be in English.
Upcoming webinars:
December 3, January 7 and February 4
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What will be discussed?

Platform & features
We will show you the complete platform and how it is customizable to fulfill your needs. We will also highlight some of our recently added features.
After we discuss the platform and features we booked time to answer all your questions.

Find out everything about Appical's solutions

Pre-hire, Pre-boarding, Onboarding or Offboarding, Appical can improve your employee experience and help your Human Resources staff to remain focused on what is really important.
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Condé Nast

"Each month, Appical will save line managers an average of 8 hours worth of 'onboarding' time."

The webinar will be hosted by

Michal Mordechay,  Onboarding Consultant
Milo Baars, Product Specialist

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